Legal DNA Testing

Legal Paternity Testing can be setup easily with Test Me DNA. Get results in 3-5 business days at affordable prices. Legal DNA testing results are approved and admissible in court.

A strict Chain of Custody procedure must be followed for legal testing. Our labs follow this strict step-by-step procedure in order to ensure your Legal DNA Test is admissible in court.

Legal DNA Testing
Setup a Legal Paternity Test in just a few minutes. Get your legal questions answered.

Common Reasons for Legal DNA Testing

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Tax Forms
  • Adoption
  • Will/Estate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Court Order
  • Military Benefits
  • Social Security Benefits

Legal DNA Results

Fast Results

Once testing is complete, we will send you all the necessary documents to present in a court case. Our accredited labs produce the highest quality legal documents for presentation in court. This includes copies of photos and fingerprints taken at the draw site and of course a notarized document of your results.

Accredited DNA Results

Laboratories must pass strict review and inspection of their lab and testing processes to be accredited.

Test Me DNA provides Legal DNA Testing through accredited labs. Labs are professional DNA collection centers and will be ready for your appointment.

Legal DNA Testing Questions?

If this is your first paternity test we recommend that you call our paternity experts to make certain that you order the right test for your unique situation.

Our customer service reps can help answer all your paternity test questions and easily setup a test for you in just a few minutes. The process is confidential, simple, and friendly.

No Obligation | Call: 1-800-535-5198
Legal DNA Testing Help

Home Paternity Testing

If your situation does not require legal paternity test results for legal reasons, and in the future you will not need this type of result, Test Me DNA offers a private and easy to use home paternity test.


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