DNA Paternity Testing

As part of our DNA Paternity Testing Services, we offer great customer satisfaction at one low cost. With no hidden fees or taxes, we make paternity testing affordable and stress free. Test Me DNA’s mission is to make our clients feel secure with their selection in private Paternity testing through our great customer service.

Accurate and accredited DNA Testing is made conveniently possible through one of our many facilities located throughout the United States. Whether all participants are in the same city or in a different city and state, testing has never been simpler. Get DNA tested today in a comfortable and relaxing setting.

Setup Paternity Testing in just a few minutes. Get questions answered. Our caring customer service and support team are standing by.

Home Paternity Testing by Test Me DNA

If proof of paternity is for your own peace of mind and not for legal purposes then a Home DNA Paternity Test may be the best choice for you.

It is important to remember that results from a home test are not valid in legal court. The reason is that the identity of the persons tested cannot be independently verified.

Legal DNA Testing

When you need to establish a paternity test for legal reasons, a Legal Paternity Test from Test Me DNA is absolutely necessary and easy to setup.

Test Me DNA ensures that paternity results are 100% admissible in court and follow the strict rules of regulations that make a paternity test valid in a court of law.

DNA Testing Options

Determining if a biological relationship exists between 2 individuals through DNA testing is easier than ever before. Although paternity tests are the most common type of relationship DNA testing, it may not be the right fit for your situation.

If the alleged father is not available or not willing to participate in a paternity test, then a special relationship DNA test may be a better option. This type of test includes testing other paternal relatives such as siblings, grandparents, or even aunts or uncles to the child at question.

Not only do we offer special relationship DNA testing, but we can also offer specialty DNA testing such as port-mortem or mobile collections for an inmate. Many of our clients do not realize that these options are even a possibility.

If a standard paternity test with the father and child does not fit your situation, check out our other DNA testing options.

Family Relationship Testing

Private Testing

Our DNA testing process keeps your information completely private.

Peace of Mind Price

Everything required for accurate paternity testing is included in one low price. No hidden fees or taxes.

Accredited Testing Lab

Paternity Testing is performed by accredited labs, which guarantees quality results.

Excellent Customer Service

Our Paternity DNA Testing experts can answer all of your questions and help you choose the correct test for your unique situation.

Express Results

3-5 day Paternity Test results after receiving collected DNA samples.

Convenient Locations

With over 2500 locations for DNA sample collection Test Me DNA is always near by. Call 1-800-535-5198 to find a location.


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