DNA Paternity Testing

Complete DNA Paternity Testing Services includes great customer service and one low price. No hidden fees or taxes, only great customer service and private Paternity Testing. We make paternity testing affordable and customer friendly.

Whether all parties are in the same location or in different cities and states, accurate and accredited testing is made easy at convenient locations nationwide. Get DNA tested today in a comfortable and relaxing setting.

DNA Paternity Testing provided by Test Me DNA
Setup Paternity Testing in just a few minutes. Get questions answered. Caring customer service and support.

Private Testing

Our DNA testing process keeps your information completely private.

Use Accredited Labs

Paternity Testing is performed by accredited labs, which guarantees quality results.

Express Results

3-5 day Paternity Test results after receiving collected DNA samples.

Home Paternity Testing

If proof of paternity is for your own peace of mind and not for legal purposes, then a Home Paternity Testing is the right choice. Order testing online or by phone.

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Legal DNA Testing

Legal Paternity Testing provides evidence for legal paternity including child support, custody disputes, birth certificate, social security, name changes, and court hearings.

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Call 800-535-5198 and speak with one of our Paternity Test specialists. Learn which Paternity Test is right for you in just a few minutes.

Why Choose Test Me DNA?

Everything required for accurate paternity testing is included in one low price. No hidden fees or taxes.
Our Paternity DNA Testing experts can answer all of your questions and help you choose the correct test for your unique situation.
With over 2500 locations for DNA sample collection Test Me DNA is always near by. Call 1-800-535-5198 to find a location.
100% Customer Support
100% Privacy
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