If a mother has had more than one partner, the logical question would be to know who the father is. Establishing paternity for your child is important and sometimes necessary . Paternity Testing will ensure your child’s well being and will fully protect his or her rights.

Establishing paternity will allow access social and legal benefits including inheritance, social security, and veterans benefits. It will allow the child’s doctor to have a full medical history in dire situations. Finding out who the father of your baby is will also help with the child’s development by strengthening the bond between child and father.

Some states require a paternity test for unmarried couples, and even go to the extent of not putting a father on the birth certificate until paternity is established. During this time of determination, the baby rights are not fully protected. Naming a legal father is paramount to ensure the baby’s needs such as healthcare and other benefits.

  • Your child will have a sense of belonging when knowing both parents.
  • If and when your child gets sick, a full family history could be very beneficial.
  • Your child could be eligible for such benefits as social security, veteran’s dependant benefits, or even social security.
  • Your child may be eligible for better medical coverage through the other parents medical coverage.
  • Your child could be eligible for future inheritance.
  • Your child will have the financial support of both parents.

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