How To Get A Paternity Test For Child Support?

An alleged father’s genetic material compared with that of a child’s genetic material found in DNA samples, is used to prove biological parentage. Paternity test results may be required in courts to settle legal matters like custody or child [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Paternity Tests

DNA profiles can be used to determine biological parentage of individuals. Paternity tests are important when a child’s paternity is in doubt. These tests may be taken just for the peace of mind of an individual or a couple. Sometimes, [...]

LabCorp DNA Paternity Testing Still Available During COVID-19

The safety and well-being of our patients and staff is our highest priority. As such, we are monitoring the situation around the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), and will keep our patients informed as matters develop. At this time, our services [...]

How Accurate is a Home DNA Paternity Testing Kit?

The most common asked question is “Are at home DNA paternity testing kits accurate??” Yes, at home DNA paternity tests can be 99.9% accurate. However, the accuracy and precision of results depends entirely on the quality of the testing procedures [...]

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