Mississippi DNA Law

A new Mississippi law is requiring teenage mothers, if they are younger than sixteen years of age, to have blood from the umbilical cord collected and then tested to prove paternity. This comes into effect if the mother will not [...]

Looks May Actually Be Everything When It Comes To DNA

You ever get that feeling like “the stork” really did drop your children (or child) off one night like Santa Clause dropping off gifts? The years go by and you start noticing little differences  -  hair is curly when no [...]

Prenatal DNA Paternity Testing

Paternity testing prior to the birth of a child definitely has some advantages. It allows people to plan ahead and know who will be helping to support the child. Waiting 9 months to find out can be an excruciatingly long [...]

Celebrity DNA Tests

It seems nobody is immune to the who your baby’s daddy mamma drama these days.  The latest person being required to take a paternity test is Michael Jordan.  In March of this year, an Atlanta women filed a paternity suit [...]

DNA Testing for Twins and Their Children

In most cases you can test paternity with 99.99% accuracy when the father is biologically related to the child.  Also, you can 100% exclude a man as the father of a child unless that man has an identical twin who [...]

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