Identical Twins—A DNA phenomenon!

I am not a twin but I have to say that I have always wanted one especially because my childhood idols Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were twins. I would imagine sharing everything, such as birthdays, presents, cars, etc. would [...]

DNA vs. Love – What makes a Parent a Parent?

There are numerous instances of couples who raise children that are not their own.  Adoption is the major reason for this.  Parents of adopted children have found the capacity to love a child that is not biologically theirs. To them, [...]

DNA Testing for Child Support and Child Custody

If you are looking to establish custody or child support, it is much quicker to set up Legal DNA Paternity Tests  before going to court. Waiting for the courts to approve the DNA test can take several weeks, then it [...]

DNA Paternity Test for Father Seeking Rights to Child

Are you trying to get visitation rights or custody of a child you believe is yours? The first step in the process is getting a DNA Paternity Test for Legal Purposes. If the mother will not agree to the test, [...]

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