Is Your Twin, Really Your Identical Twin?

Many sets of twins are told that they are identical twins, when they are truthfully fraternal twins. It is very hard for a doctor to distinguish between fraternal and identical twins. The only true way to know for sure is [...]

Top Reasons to Get a DNA Paternity Test

There are many reasons why someone would want or need to get a DNA Paternity Test.  There are times where you have to get one for legal purposes and other times you may just want to know for curiosity reasons. [...]

Reasons to Get a Legal DNA Paternity Test

Are you looking for DNA Paternity testing, and not sure if you need Legal DNA Paternity Testing or Non-Legal DNA Paternity Testing? Well if you do or think you will need the results for any legal matter in the future, [...]

Michelle Obama’s Family Tree Revealed

Rachel Swarns did her research and had DNA testing performed to help discover the family tree of first lady Michelle Obama.  In her new book Swarns writes about her findings and the history of Michelle Obama's family.  She traced history [...]

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