Best DNA Tests to Establish Paternity

When trying to establish paternity, there are a few DNA test options available. All the options we go over, can be used for legal court admissible DNA testing or just for peace of mind. Father and Child Paternity Test The [...]

Paternity Test Without the Father

Thankfully, there are options. Because let’s face it, Paternity testing in general certainly can be a humbling and sometimes even life-changing experience. Then, to top it off, the actual alleged father may not even be available to do the actually [...]

You Want Accredited DNA Paternity Results-AABB & ISO

The word “Accredited” is seen quite a bit when searching for DNA testing. So, what does accredited DNA testing really mean? Simply put, it means that the laboratory processing the samples is recognized in the scientific field with specific accreditations, [...]

Long Term Cost Savings With DNA Paternity Tests

It is no secret that recent technological advancements have rejuvenated the world of genetic DNA testing. Today, DNA tests are so readily attainable; they can be purchased without ever having to leave your home. And what used to cost [...]

Do Siblings Have the Same DNA?

This is a question that comes up many times and the answer is yes and no. Standard siblings are going to share some of the same DNA. Identical twins are going to have the exact same DNA in their genetic [...]

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