Divorce and DNA Testing

divorceI do. For better or worse…right? That is what we all say when we get married. But what do we say when we get a divorce? It happens? Well, some people don’t say anything except scream and shout but attorneys however celebrate especially around this time of year. To them, January is known as Divorce Month even with some going as far as claiming the first Monday of ...

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DNA Doesn’t Have to Change Who Your Family Is

adopted familyFamily…it brings to mind different scenarios to many people. For a lot of us, it means a Mom, Dad, kids and a pet or two. For some, it’s a Dad, a Dad (or a Mom and a Mom) and a kid. Others, define it as a single parent and/or grandparents taking care of several children. Whatever your family may consist of, it doesn’t have to change just because Continue Reading →

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