DNA Paternity Testing

Benefits of DNA Paternity Testing For Families

If a mother has had more than one partner, the logical question would be to know who the father is. Establishing paternity for your child is important and sometimes necessary . Paternity Testing will ensure your child’s well being and will fully protect his or her rights.

Establishing paternity will allow access social and legal benefits including inheritance, social security, and veterans benefits. It will allow the child’s doctor to have a full medical history in dire situations. Finding out who ...

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Test Me DNA Buccal Swap

What samples can be used when doing a DNA paternity test?

In most cases, a simple mouth swab collecting skin cells that naturally flake off is all that is necessary for a DNA collection. The swabs need to be sterile medical grade swabs. This type of sample can be used for legal DNA paternity tests and at home testing kits.

If one of the individuals testing has had a bone marrow transplant, they will require a different sample collection. Most of the time, the sample taken in this situation would be a ...

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Paternity Testing Identification

What identification is needed for Legal DNA Paternity Testing?

At the time of the DNA collection, all individuals tested will need identification.

Any person testing that is over the age of 18 will need 2 forms of identification. The first form must be a government issued photo ID. This can be a driver’s license, state ID card, passport, military ID or a FOID card. The second form does not have to be a photo ID, but it can be. Other options include, but not limited to a birth certificate, social ...

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How long does it take to get the results of Home Paternity Testing?

When it comes to DNA testing, the amount of time to obtain results can vary from company to company. Many government cases can take several weeks or months to get the DNA results back to the individuals testing.

Here at Test Me DNA, we know that people want accurate testing results as quickly as possible. We have teamed up with our DNA testing laboratory LabCorp to be on an expedited turn around time. This means you still get the most accurate ...

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Believe in Fate? DNA Testing story will have you doing just that

Adoptions will forever exist. Parents or even a just a mom or a dad or other family members are unable to keep a child that they have for a variety of reasons that come about. It’s just a fact of life. Some are Closed Adoptions meaning the new adoptive parents have no clue about the birth parents or even so much as where they were from. Most adoptions now-a-days though, especially here in the States, are Open Adoptions where ...

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