Paternity Testing Doesn’t Automatically Happen

So you have found yourself in a position where you need a DNA test to prove who the father is. Perhaps you are the mother of a newborn child and need to collect child support or maybe you are an [...]

Paternity Fraud?

We all have heard of credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, and even tax fraud…but Paternity? Unfortunately, it’s true and is happening more than you would think. So what is Paternity Fraud exactly? It happens when a new mother claims a [...]

Free DNA Paternity Testing – a Catch 22

Mothers, are you looking to find out who the father is for your child? For you potential Dads out there are you trying to see if you are indeed the biological father of a child? But you don’t have the [...]

Do You Think Before Having Sex?

Technically yes, everyone is thinking before having sex – so to answer that question correctly you need to ask yet another question:  How clear were you thinking? Of course then, that all depends on a whole host of other factors…love, [...]

HELP! I’m Not Sure I Am the Biological Father

For centuries, this scenario plays out for men across the globe and unfortunately it will continue – we as humans are not perfect. However, with the progress of technology in DNA testing, what a man can do is actually relatively [...]

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