DNA Secrets – Can Destroy a Family

So you want to protect your offspring from the truth huh? The biological father is an alcoholic, the biological mother is a drug addict, or they just ‘up and left’ without notice, or perhaps in jail. Whatever the case may be, keeping the truth hidden from your children is not a wise decision…no matter what the consequence’s you think they may bring.

A good example:  Tyler Perry just announced that his suspicions, after decades of rumors and stories, were right all ...

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Why Should You Get A DNA Paternity Test?

DNA testing has certainly come to play a major role in today’s society and families. We even have reality TV shows taking over our networks that focus primarily on DNA testing and ancestry such as the popular Who Do You Think You Are? airing now on TLC and the upcoming Who’s Your Daddy? DNA truck series slated to start airing on cable later this year.

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DNA vs LOVE – From a “Dear John” Letter

They say love can conquer all – it is a nice saying and love can certainly be a powerful instrument when people put such strong emotions into an ideal or issues but what happens when you pour your heart and soul into believing someone is your biological child all based on a letter?

This recently happened for an 81 year-old man in Grand Rapids MI – Tony Trapani. Cleaning up his house one day after his wife had passed he came ...

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