DNA Secrets – Can Destroy a Family

So you want to protect your offspring from the truth huh? The biological father is an alcoholic, the biological mother is a drug addict, or they just 'up and left' without notice, or perhaps in jail. Whatever the case may [...]

Why Should You Get A DNA Paternity Test?

DNA testing has certainly come to play a major role in today’s society and families. We even have reality TV shows taking over our networks that focus primarily on DNA testing and ancestry such as the popular Who Do You [...]

Be Nice To Your Neighbors – Turns Out We Are ALL Related

That’s right people, no matter what you believe in i.e. the Big Bang Theory (great show by the way) or God the Almighty Creator Himself – new research by Peter Ralph of USC Dornsife working with Graham Coop found that everyone on [...]

Purchasing Home DNA Kits

DNA testing has officially become a trend – there’s no questioning that. Shows like Maury, Paternity Court and Who Do You Think You Are and their success prove as much. But what if you do not want to publicly announce [...]

DNA vs LOVE – From a “Dear John” Letter

They say love can conquer all – it is a nice saying and love can certainly be a powerful instrument when people put such strong emotions into an ideal or issues but what happens when you pour your heart and [...]

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