They say: “Everyone has a Twin in the World”

Well, what if that was literally true? Imagine you just get a lot of calls from your friends telling you that they just saw you on YouTube doing something they’ve never seen you do before. Then you’re like: “Guys look, I don’t know what you are talking about? I’ve never even posted any videos to YouTube.” Then you look into it and find yourself feeling like you’re in a dream and amazed that you are indeed on YouTube. Not because ...

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Don’t Sign the Dotted Line If You Question You Are the Father

You are at the hospital in the delivery room, nurses and doctors running around telling you what to do and telling your significant other to push and to breathe all at the same time. Before you know it, a new life has been brought into this world. Soon after though, the hospital staff shows up with some documentation explaining that they need you to fill them out so they can put the baby’s name on the birth certificate along with ...

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DNA Can Easily Make (or Break) a Family

Technology has certainly come a long way. Thirty years ago, had you mentioned you could carry a phone in your pocket and call anywhere in the world – people would say you were crazy. Likewise, had you said you could purchase a DNA home kit to swab your check and have your own personal DNA tested against someone else’s to see if you are related, you would have certainly received the same response.

Today, DNA Paternity Testing is now affordable and ...

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