Paternity Bombshells

It’s hard enough for us “regular Joe’s” out there to discover at some point that your dad may not be your actual biological father – the rumors within the family and dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions and resolutions – it’s rough. Now just imagine if the whole world knew about it too and then started discussing your scenario plus were able to post comments of every type imaginable about it. Well, that’s exactly what Ronan (Satchel) Farrow is going ...

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

spermThe case regarding a Kansas man who provided sperm to a lesbian couple, after answering a Craig’s list ad continues.  The latest motion to be filed on behalf of William Marotta, the sperm donor, asked the Kansas Supreme Court to block the state’s request that that he undergo paternity testing.

You may remember that when Marotta agreed to provide the sperm, ...

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Grand Parents Paternity Testing

Grandparent DNA Testing So Easy a Grandma Can Do It!

And in fact, has done it! A resourceful grandma, who has custody of her grandson, recently found his father using an at-home DNA testing kit. With detailed instruction on the specimen collection, the process could not have been easier.

Additionally, the grandmother used social media to track down the man she believed could be the father. After viewing baby pictures of the man in question, she messaged him on Facebook and he was agreeable to the testing, and was very ...

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