Paternity Bombshells

It’s hard enough for us “regular Joe’s” out there to discover at some point that your dad may not be your actual biological father – the rumors within the family and dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions and resolutions – [...]

Identical Twins Beware

Most of us have heard of the movie The Parent Trap, where two girls pretend to be each other to fool their parents with hilarious consequences, but a scenario similar to this has happen in real life that has torn [...]

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The case regarding a Kansas man who provided sperm to a lesbian couple, after answering a Craig’s list ad continues.  The latest motion to be filed on behalf of William Marotta, the sperm donor, asked the Kansas Supreme Court to [...]

Grandparent DNA Testing So Easy a Grandma Can Do It!

And in fact, has done it! A resourceful grandma, who has custody of her grandson, recently found his father using an at-home DNA testing kit. With detailed instruction on the specimen collection, the process could not have been easier. Additionally, [...]

DNA testing: Not Just for Paternity Anymore

Adoption can leave a person feeling as if they don’t truly know themselves because they do not know their blood relatives, but all that changed for 5 siblings born in North Dakota this past year. The siblings, who are all [...]

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