A Paternity Narrative

A while ago a woman gave birth to a little girl. The man that she was with, assumed that he was the father, and signed the birth certificate. When the couple split, the man was ordered to pay child support. [...]

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Serving in our nation’s military is a tough thing as it is, but trying to get benefits for your child or children if you’re not married can prove to be even more difficult…especially if you are overseas somewhere serving your [...]

Establishing Parentage

Establishing parentage is a very important step in the well being of your child. Establishing parentage means obtaining a court order or signing an official Declaration of Paternity that states who the legal parents of a child are. If a [...]

A History of Paternity Testing

As a culture we have quickly adapted and accepted the role DNA can play in our lives from determining who murdered or raped someone to determining the paternity of a child. DNA testing has provided us with more and more [...]

Not the Daddy: Challenging Paternity

Our culture has turned the idea of paternity testing into a form of entertainment or humor. People still tune in to The Maury Show to see who the daddy is, but paternity testing is a very real and serious concern [...]

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