We are seeing it more and more often that a boyfriend or husband is forcing the issue with a DNA Paternity Test. This sometimes offends their girlfriend or wife because she feels like he doesn’t trust her. This day and age people can not be too careful.

Not to offend any other ladies, but we hear it all the time “The only person I slept with was him. He is the only possible father.” Then the results come back that there is a 0% chance the man could be the father. At that point she changes her tune a little. We see this happen with couples that has been married for 8 years and newly established couples also.

Women please do not be offended if your guy asks for a DNA Paternity test even if you know for a fact it could only be his. Let it roll off your shoulders because maybe he has been hurt or tricked before and he now has a hard time trusting. It is not necessarily you that he doesn’t trust, but everyone in general. There is even a possibility that he has a guilty conscious and assumes because he cheated, you did too.

If he is asking about a DNA Paternity Test, allow him the opportunity. If you tell him no, he will assume you are trying to hide something and there is a good possibility he will have the test performed behind your back. So when he asks for the DNA test, tell him that he can pay for it and let him prove you right.