Do You Think Before Having Sex?

thinking before sexTechnically yes, everyone is thinking before having sex – so to answer that question correctly you need to ask yet another question:  How clear were you thinking? Of course then, that all depends on a whole host of other factors…love, hormones, alcohol, drugs and yes, even lies – they all play an important part and contribute to your answer.

What happens following each time you do have sex is ...

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DNA Secrets – Can Destroy a Family

So you want to protect your offspring from the truth huh? The biological father is an alcoholic, the biological mother is a drug addict, or they just ‘up and left’ without notice, or perhaps in jail. Whatever the case may be, keeping the truth hidden from your children is not a wise decision…no matter what the consequence’s you think they may bring.

A good example:  Tyler Perry just announced that his suspicions, after decades of rumors and stories, were right all ...

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Michelle Obama’s Family Tree Revealed

Rachel Swarns did her research and had DNA testing performed to help discover the family tree of first lady Michelle Obama.  In her new book Swarns writes about her findings and the history of Michelle Obama’s family.  She traced history back as far as the 1700’s.

We are all aware of President Barrack Obama coming from a multiracial family and as it ...

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