Our culture has turned the idea of paternity testing into a form of entertainment or humor. People still tune in to The Maury Show to see who the daddy is, but paternity testing is a very real and serious concern for many people. This includes both mothers and possible fathers.

As with many child-related concerns, the sympathies often go to the mother without much question, but there is also the issue of men being falsely identified as fathers. If you are one of these men, what can you do?

Challenging paternity might be uncomfortable, but it’s important for the child to have a correctly identified father. Knowing who your biological parents are can be useful later in life when it comes to health-related issues or concerns.

It is important that you also challenge this paternity right from the beginning. If you give up your right to DNA testing, it can be harder to later fight a paternity case even if a later DNA test proves you are not the father.

If someone is claiming you to be the father and you do not believe that you are, there are some steps you can take. As stated before, make sure you get a paternity test done and that it is performed by an accredited facility. There have been various cases of fraud with it comes to paternity. Also know that while at-home testing is convenient, it cannot be used in a court of law. If the mother refuses to have a paternity test done, you have to file a paternity lawsuit and will need to seek legal advice.

These battles can get ugly, but giving the child correct information about his or her parents is worth it.