Technology has certainly come a long way. Thirty years ago, had you mentioned you could carry a phone in your pocket and call anywhere in the world – people would say you were crazy. Likewise, had you said you could purchase a DNA home kit to swab your check and have your own personal DNA tested against someone else’s to see if you are related, you would have certainly received the same response.

Today, DNA Paternity Testing is now affordable and mainstream to anyone willing to pay a few hundred dollars. There are Home Paternity Testing Kits that can be directly sent to your house as well as Laboratories throughout the country where you can set up appointments and have lab technicians do the testing for you. Each one depends on every individual’s/family’s needs.

Testing can be performed for a wide range of situations. Perhaps you are testing to make sure you are indeed the father of the child a woman says you’re the father too; perhaps you are testing two children to see if they do in fact share the same father; perhaps a father who never signed a birth certificate has recently died and you need to look into setting up benefits or arrange custody for a child; perhaps you are in the military (or thinking about joining) and need to prove paternity so you can provide military benefits to your child(ren); perhaps you just found out that you may have a long lost brother or sister that was given up for adoption and by chance “bumped” into them and started talking about your family history and now would like to see if the rumors are true. There are numerous situations and numerous testing scenarios that can be done.

Beware however and prepare for the ramifications that could follow. Just because technology has advanced and made DNA testing easy and affordable for everyone, doesn’t mean that dealing with the results are. Yes, it’s a great situation when you expect the results to come back one way or another and are able to enjoy the new-found relationship (or the lack thereof) but when they don’t – it could mean heartache and pain.

Take for instance that long lost adoption – confronting your parent(s) about it may bring up hurt feelings and no resolution due to a number a legal restrictions that went along with the adoption. Or what about the father who tested to see if his child was indeed his – just to find out that the child was actually not his and had to confront his wife about an affair and still continue to pay child support. Then there’s situations where two people really want to be related and hope the rumors were true, just to find out that they are not related at all. I suppose, that’s why America loves daytime programming. But, in reality, only a small percentage of people want their family history exploited all over national television.

For the rest of us, whether it’s good or bad news, DNA results come on one piece of paper that carry a LOT of weight with them. To find out which scenario is best for you and your family, call to speak with a representative today at 1-800-535-5198 or browse for more information.