DNA Doesn’t Have to Change Who Your Family Is

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Family…it brings to mind different scenarios to many people. For a lot of us, it means a Mom, Dad, kids and a pet or two. For some, it’s a Dad, a Dad (or a Mom and a Mom) and a kid. Others, define it as a single parent and/or grandparents taking care of several children. Whatever your family may consist of, it doesn’t have to change just because DNA tests show that you are or perhaps are not biologically related to someone.

DNA testing has certainly proven to be a great asset in showing biological relationships, but keep in mind that just because you may not be blood related, that does not necessarily mean you have no love for that individual – adoptive parents and their children know this all to well. In DNA circumstances, there are many fathers who find out many years after a child has been born that he is not the actual biological father. Does it hurt? Of course it does – and yet many continue to be the bigger man and remain “Dad” to the child. On the flip side, some men out there get a call “out of the blue” from an adult child stating that they think they are the offspring of the past. When the results come back positive, that doesn’t automatically mean they become instant family either.

There are many issues and variables involved when deciding to do DNA testing emotionally and technically and you want to ask yourself:  What do I want the testing done for and why? And then make sure you are okay with both scenarios if results come back positive or negative. Sure it would be nice to add a new family member to your family tree, but you have to keep in mind that perhaps the other party may not be as willing to add yours to theirs because they may already have their own “family”. Taking the step to test though is sometimes the biggest hurdle.

If you have questions regarding DNA testing and would like more information or would like to see about getting tested call a DNA specialists at 1-800-535-5198 or 1-800-993-1495 to find out more.


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Patricia Carr, FNP began her career in 1989 after completing her Registered Nurse degree. She later went on to graduate in 2001 with a degree in Advanced Practice Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner. She is affiliated with multiple medical facilities including HSHS Greenville Regional Hospital, SSM Health St. Mary's / Good Samaritan Hospitals while regularly collaborating with other doctors and laboratories. Patricia is a founding member of Test Me DNA and currently sits on the board of directors which has overseen more than 50,000 DNA tests.
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