Are you trying to get visitation rights or custody of a child you believe is yours? The first step in the process is getting a DNA Paternity Test for Legal Purposes. If the mother will not agree to the test, you may need to petition the court. Even if another man signed the birth certificate, you can prove you are the father and get some rights to your child.

Men this may or may not be your fault. Maybe the mother approached you when she was pregnant and you acted like you didn’t care or didn’t believe it was your child. Or maybe she tried to convince you that the child couldn’t be yours, but you are positive that the child is yours. Either way your child deserves to know who their real father is and another man should not be raising your child.

Gain rights to your child by setting up a DNA Paternity Test right away. Setting up testing is quick and easy. You can get results in as little as 3 days.

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