So you want to protect your offspring from the truth huh? The biological father is an alcoholic, the biological mother is a drug addict, or they just ‘up and left’ without notice, or perhaps in jail. Whatever the case may be, keeping the truth hidden from your children is not a wise decision…no matter what the consequence’s you think they may bring.

A good example:  Tyler Perry just announced that his suspicions, after decades of rumors and stories, were right all along. His suspicions about who is real father was came true when he finally had a DNA test to seek out the truth. The man whom he had called “Dad” for his entire life and whom his mother told him that’s who his biological father was, turns out, was not his biological father after all. For him, it must of been like the exact opposite of that famous scene from Star Wars; (Tyler)…I’m NOT your father. You can read the full story here.

It was devastating enough for Luke Skywalker (and for us as viewers back in the 80’s) to find out that Darth Vader was Luke’s father…but at least Luke finally knew the truth and could try to help “save” his dad. George Lucas put this together masterfully. Now imagine Tyler Perry’s situation and how devastating it must be for him. He had no chance to help “save” his relationship with his father, villain or not, nor even the opportunity to try and track his father down to meet him because he was told a lie about who is father actually was…much like Skywalker was lied to.

This situation is not just a one-time celebrity story either – it has happened for thousands of children across the globe and it’s not going to stop until the lies stop. “It’s hard to live with that kind of pain” says Kyle McMahon, whose been a focus on Oprah’s OWN about children without fathers and is now an advocate for paternity testing, sums up his story as; “I’m missing what I want”. Those of us with parents and knowing who they truly are, will never experience such heartache. Though Kyle did finally find his biological father, that man still did not want to be a part of Kyle’s life. Perhaps this is what his mother was “protecting” him from. However, we as humans strive for the truth – not knowing who your true birth parents are and why they are not part of your life is at the top of the list for those in that situation, and now thanks to technology, it is easier than ever to find out.

Affordable DNA testing is available to anyone with surviving family members for your own Peace of Mind and/or Curiosity.  There are options available if a parent has recently passed away as well as options for legal purposes if you are wanting to change names, follow through with life benefits or going through custody battles. Testing is noninvasive (via mouth swabs), it is simple and typically takes no more than 30 minutes of your time and is ISO & AABB accredited.  If you have questions and would like to find out which option is best for you – give a DNA specialist a call at 1-800-535-5198.