DNA Testing Could Dethrone Kings and Legacys

richard-IIIThere is certainly no doubt that our world would not be the same had DNA testing been available during the course of human development. Case in point – quite possibly the most fascinating kings to rule back in that era, King Richard III still brings controversy and debates to historians, scholars, researchers and (I suppose) anyone who likes to talk royalty. From tales of being a murderer, to just plain evil and even rumors of him being a humpback to the significant changes he was known to enact during his short rule…there now comes DNA studies showing that some of his successors may not have been true heirs to the throne.

While the whole family tree issue with historians labeling King Richard III as the last of the Plantagenet dynasty may indeed be true, there is now DNA evidence that raises solid questions about Henry V, Henry VI, Henry VIII (I am I am) and even Elizabeth I. DNA testing from skeleton remains found buried under a parking lot showing it was indeed the late King was surprising enough. Now, those same tests show that he actually had blonde hair (instead of brown) and only raises more questions.

Like the DNA testing done today to show family lineage, you can test for Mitrochondrial DNA (the mother’s side) and Y-chromosome DNA (the father’s side) to show relationship status. This is exactly what researchers did. With more extensive testing, they found that his mother’s DNA matched the family tree but upon testing the Y-chromosomes of other males within the family…they did not match. Obviously we will see more reports come out in time as more and more testing is conducted, but that’s pretty much where it all stands right now. Talk about having skeletons in the closet!

Thankfully DNA testing is also readily available now and affordable for everyone out there not of royal blood. If you think that your family may have “a skeleton in the closet” and would like to put the rumors to rest just give one of the representatives at TestMeDNA a call at 1-800-535-5198.