If you are looking to establish custody or child support, it is much quicker to set up Legal DNA Paternity Tests  before going to court. Waiting for the courts to approve the DNA test can take several weeks, then it can take 4 weeks to set it up and then it takes another 4 weeks before they get your results to you. If you already have the Legal DNA Paternity test performed, it makes the process go that much quicker and fewer dates to show up in court.

Legal DNA Paternity Test can be set up on the same day or the following day most of the time. Then once everyone has been in for collection, results are available in as little as 3-5 days. Legal documents will be provided along with the original fingerprints and photos taken at the lab to prove who was collected.

Obviously it is not always this simple because sometimes not everyone involved is willing to go in for the test without a court order. They may even fight in court that it is not necessary. If everyone is ready and willing to get testing set up, make the process easier and get the test done before the court date.

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