siblings foundAdoption can leave a person feeling as if they don’t truly know themselves because they do not know their blood relatives, but all that changed for 5 siblings born in North Dakota this past year.

The siblings, who are all in their 50s, had been given up for adoption shortly after they were born, and when the obituary of their mother was came out in the paper, one sister, who knew her biological mothers’ name contacted the surviving daughter. The daughter mentioned in the obituary had made contact with their mother almost 2 decades before she passed away, but her mother never revealed that she had other children as well.

The sisters agreed to contact the adoption agency to see if they had any other siblings, and to their surprise there was one more sister and two brothers.  After taking a DNA test, they found out that they were all full siblings meaning they shared the same mother and father.  Thankfully, DNA testing offers more than just establishing Paternity these days, and these siblings seem overjoyed to have found each other.