They say love can conquer all – it is a nice saying and love can certainly be a powerful instrument when people put such strong emotions into an ideal or issues but what happens when you pour your heart and soul into believing someone is your biological child all based on a letter?

This recently happened for an 81 year-old man in Grand Rapids MI – Tony Trapani. Cleaning up his house one day after his wife had passed he came across a letter made out to him…apparently something his wife thought about giving to him but never did. The full story can be read here, but in short it was from a woman he had previously dated before marrying his wife (so we have to assume that either the two women also knew each other or Tony’s wife got the letter first and just hid it from him) In this letter, which was dated March of 1959, Tony’s old girlfriend states that she has a little boy. She describes some of his attributes a bit, even provides his full name, and then hits him with a blow to the gut: “What I am trying to say Tony is he is your son.”

Wow, who wouldn’t have a flurry of emotions after reading something like let alone finding such an old letter in the first place! So his life was turned upside down with just one sentence. From that point on he made a point to search for his “long-lost” son along with help from his family.

Within a month they had located the son Samuel Childress. He was excited as well to finally meet the “dad” he never had. Soon afterwards they had a Paternity test completed to prove what the letter had stated from long long ago. The test came back negative or 0.0%. Wait! What? Yep, the testing showed they did not share the same markers to have any kind of father/son relationship.

The silver lining in all of this – Tony is still going to consider Sam his “son” and Sam likewise for Tony as his “dad” and they still plan on sharing a father/son bond. Love CAN conquer all.