Adoptions will forever exist. Parents or even a just a mom or a dad or other family members are unable to keep a child that they have for a variety of reasons that come about. It’s just a fact of life. Some are Closed Adoptions meaning the new adoptive parents have no clue about the birth parents or even so much as where they were from. Most adoptions now-a-days though, especially here in the States, are Open Adoptions where the child’s biological family is able to stay in touch with the adoptive family throughout the years. There’s even now a middle option called the Semi-Open Adoption where there is a 3rd party acting as the middleman.

This story however is actually from an open adoption but yet, even with the information the agency provided in 2012, it still lead Hillary Harris nowhere for years. Can you imagine finding out that you have a sister (or brother) and had other vital information about them but still were unable to find her (or him)? Especially in this day and age of social media in must have been heart wrenching for Hillary knowing that someone out there by the name of Dawn Johnson had no clue that she had a half-sister and that she’s been looking for her…for years!

Fast Forward five years later, Dawn and her partner Kurt, finally closed on a house they were trying to buy in the Eau Claire neighborhood of Wisconsin. It was a “fixer-upper” but it had really nice neighbors…a young couple who had a little girl…that they would be sharing a driveway with. So after closing on the house and moving in they started work of course to update their new home. During this process, Dawn would see this little girl (Stella) outside and would even end up playing with her in the driveway.

Hillary and Dawn would say Hi as well but never chatted much nor even shared their last names. This all changed once a huge delivery of roof shingles showed up on their shared driveway and Hillary noticed the name on it: Dawn Johnson.

The rest they say “is history!” Sometimes it doesn’t even take DNA testing for fate to come around but if you think you have found a long lost sibling or other family member out there – do not hesitate to reach out and see if they would like to confirm that it’s true. A simple mouth swab test could be the difference of a lifetime. As for Hillary and Dawn you can see the short and very sweet story here.