Grandparent DNA Testing

Grandparent DNA tests also known as Grandparent Relationship Testing allow the parent or parents of the alleged father to participate in a DNA test. A Grandparent DNA test will verify if a biological relationship exists between the alleged grandparents and the target grandchild.

Grandparent testing can include one or both of the grandparents, but including both grandparents offers a stronger result. Also including the biological mother is always suggested in relationship testing. Adding the biological mother helps prevent inconclusive results. If the biological mother is not available, the test can still be performed.

Grandparent DNA Test

Grandparent DNA Testing Kit

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Legal Grandparent DNA Testing

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How Grandparent DNA Testing Works

Order Test

After deciding on a test, we will either send out a Home Grandparent DNA Test Kit or schedule an appointment for Grandparent DNA Testing at any of our 1000+ Testing Centers for DNA collection.

Collect Samples

DNA collection is painless and easy to perform. DNA collections are performed with non-invasive buccal swabs. The swab is brushed on the inside of each individuals cheek for about 10 seconds.

Get DNA Results

Results typically complete 3-8 days after the laboratory receives all testing kits. Grandparent paternity test results are provided over the phone and by email. Mailed copies can be sent upon request.

Call now and one of our DNA Testing Specialists will analyze the information provided by you and then guide you through the entire Grand Parent DNA Testing process.

Grand-Paternity DNA Testing FAQ

A grandparent paternity test is a DNA test with grandparents to determine if their son is the father to the target child.
If a father or alleged father is not willing or not available to test, the grandparent DNA test is the next best thing. The Grandparent DNA test is used frequently for social security survivor benefits.

A father receives all of his DNA from his parents. So any DNA he passed along to his child would have come from either the possible grandmother or the possible grandfather. Therefore, between the two possible grandparents testing with the grandchild’s DNA, they would match in all the same places that a father and child would match.

Yes! If you are needing a DNA test for death benefits, then it will need to be the legal DNA test.
Yes! Home DNA testing kits are available for all of our relationship DNA tests including DNA tests with grandparents.
For all of our home DNA testing kits, a simple buccal swab is the only acceptable sample.

If you choose to do a DNA collection at one of our facilities, the most common sample is a buccal swab. But blood samples can be collected if requested in advance. 

There are certain situations that would not require both grandparents testing. To go over the best options for your situation, you may want to call us to discuss.
If the child at question is a male, it is best to do a DNA test with the Grandfather. When testing 2 males for a relationship DNA test, they have the extra advantage of including Y chromosome testing, if it is necessary. Y chromosomes are an exact match down the male lineage.

If the child at question is a female, a DNA test with the Grandmother or a DNA test with the Grandfather will hold the same level of accuracy.

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