Mothers, are you looking to find out who the father is for your child? For you potential Dads out there are you trying to see if you are indeed the biological father of a child? But you don’t have the funds to cover the expense of it all? You might see ads out there that mention Free DNA Testing, well…unfortunately there is really no such thing as “free” DNA Paternity testing. If it is a home kit that you receive for free from a company, then they will eventually charge you for lab testing and receiving the results. If it is a legal matter and you are going through the court system or Child Services, they will eventually have someone paying for the testing. Whether that be the father who was denying the child and running from the child support payments but turns out to be the father anyway or the mother who stated that she knows 100% that the man is the father but after testing turns out that he isn’t – someone always pays. Also, keep in mind that the court systems in each area in each state are all different – they don’t just choose the cheapest lab – they choose who they have been told to work with and pass the price to you. Even if you are on public assistance, it’s pretty much the same situation as well and if a state court system does happen to grant you the “free” testing (which last time I checked has only happened in just two states before, and even then, it’s all paid for by tax dollars which is coming from other people anyway…but I digress) all the paperwork is so grueling and overwhelming that by the time you are finished you had wished you had just paid for the testing yourselves to begin with anyway.

So the best advice is to have a company already in mind that has reasonable test prices and can get you the results fast and accurately. Then when that time comes, you can just let the courts know that you have found a lab that can take care of the Legal DNA testing for you and can get you the results within 3-5 business days after testing and that the company is Test Me DNA.

As for the home paternity test kits, they also offer direct-from-lab Peace of Mind paternity testing for a great price as well with no gimmicks or hidden costs as you see with these store bought kits. Plus for each option (Legal or Peace of Mind) you can pay half the total costs when you place your order and then the other half when you are ready to receive the results. Most importantly, and for your convenience, they will call you to let you know when your results are ready so you are not left guessing when/if they are ready – it’s that simple. Call yourself and ask about their low pricing and any other questions you may have regarding DNA testing at 1-800-535-5198 – and yes, the call and consultation is absolutely FREE!