Getting a Refund? Buy a DNA Paternity Test

Studies show that in the US that more than 10% of children are not fathered by their biological father. This rate continues to rise year after year. Many times the father is not even aware this is a possibility so they continue to raise and care for the child as a normal father does. Then years down the road, they hear rumors or find out that the child may not be theirs. This causes an emotional uproar for not only the mother and alleged father but also for the child.

Men want to believe that their wife or girlfriend have been faithful and that the child is definitely theirs, but many statistics prove that this is not always the case. Before getting emotionally attached or financially responsible for the child, it is important for men to get a DNA Paternity Test. Many individuals state that they can not afford a DNA Paternity test, but if they become financially responsible for the child that is not theirs, they will spend much more over the years than they would on a one time DNA test.

If you do not have the money now, maybe when tax refunds come in it will be the right time. Invest in your peace of mind and your child’s future.