spermThe case regarding a Kansas man who provided sperm to a lesbian couple, after answering a Craig’s list ad continues.  The latest motion to be filed on behalf of William Marotta, the sperm donor, asked the Kansas Supreme Court to block the state’s request that that he undergo paternity testing.

You may remember that when Marotta agreed to provide the sperm, he also signed a contract waiving parental rights and responsibilities.  However, after the lesbian couple split, the biological mother, Jennifer Schreiner, turned to public assistance to help support her daughter.  The case was filed by The Kansas Department of Children and Families, and not by Schreiner, as they were seeking back payment for over $6,000 in public aid and want Marotta to be financially liable in the future as well.

The judge in the case stated that the contract Marotta signed was invalid because a licensed physician did not perform the insemination.  However, my question is why did The Kansas Department for Children and Families not seek a claim against Angela Bauer, Schreiner’s former partner.  Together, they were the ones who sought donation, and should be held jointly responsible for the child’s needs.  It seems unfair to me that the man, who provided sperm thinking he was doing a favor for a couple that could not have children otherwise, is the one who is being punished.