The most common asked question is “Are at home DNA paternity testing kits accurate??” Yes, at home DNA paternity tests can be 99.9% accurate. However, the accuracy and precision of results depends entirely on the quality of the testing procedures being utilized by the laboratory.

The market is currently saturated with a variety of different types of paternity tests. When the results of these tests can lead to major life changes being made, choosing the right test can become a little overwhelming. We completely understand the need for concern, and there are a few things to keep in mind before making a final decision.

What to consider when looking for an Accurate Home Paternity Test:

1. Is the laboratory accredited?

The lab processing your DNA samples should be accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), certified by the CLIA (Clinical Laboratories Improvement Amendment) and certified by ISO (International Standard Classification). Rigorous inspections and testing are performed to receive approval from all of the above listed associations.

If a laboratory isn’t approved to perform a court admissible paternity test, why would you want them to do any DNA testing for you? Even if you do not need the test for legal purposes, you want your DNA testing lab to be inspected and still following the proper procedures to produce an accurate result.

2.How many genetic markers are being tested?

A good quality paternity test should include a 21-marker genetic test. The more markers tested will get stronger more dependable results and increase the statistical analysis.

Many cheaper labs test fewer genetic markers to save money on processing the samples.

3.How many times are the samples being tested?

Samples should be tested at least 2 times at the lab. Many labs refer to this as double-blind testing. It helps eliminate human error.

4.Where are the samples sent to be tested?

This may not seem like a very important question, but it truly is something to ask. Testing of the samples should be tested here in the United States. The requirements are held to a higher standard here than they are in other countries.

Test Me DNA holds a partnership with Lab Corporation of America. LabCorp is considered the gold standard for paternity tests and holds all the accreditations necessary to provide you with accurate DNA results. All samples, including those from DNA test kits, are tested in Labcorp’s state of the art testing facility. They use the same 21 marker, double-blind DNA test that they do with their court admissible paternity test. As well as have one of their PHD’s provide their expert analysis on all reports processed thru their facility.

Don’t take a chance with a cheap DNA test kit on what could be a life changing test. There are plenty of places to save money, but bargain shopping for a DNA test shouldn’t be one of them.