How Home Paternity Testing Works

So how exactly does the Home Paternity Testing Kit work, and what can be expected during the process?

Customers can expect to receive the Home Paternity Testing Kit within 2-4 business days (varies w/ shipping options).

The easy to use kit contains:

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  • Buccal swabs for collecting samples
  • Sample envelopes, to label and seal collected samples
  • Detailed, simple instructions for sample collection
  • Free Return envelope to return collected samples
Buccal Swab for Home Paternity Testing

Step 1

The first step is to determine how many people will be testing and then order the appropriate home paternity test kit for your needs. The Home Paternity Testing Kit can be ordered online or over the phone. The Home Paternity Test Kit includes collection gloves, swabs, envelopes to store samples, and a pre-paid envelope for shipping samples to the lab.

Step 2

Collecting samples for the home paternity kit is very quick and easy. The painless swab, similar to a Q-tip collects DNA samples by rubbing against the inside of the cheek for 10 seconds. Collect the four swabs per person (two per cheek). The swabs are collected one at a time and kept separate at all times.

Step 3

Collect all samples and forms then insert into the pre-paid envelope. All items are quickly mailed to the DNA testing laboratory.

Step 4

In only 3-5 business days after receiving samples at the laboratory you will be contacted by the agent that setup your initial testing. They will explain the results provided and answer any questions about the results. Receive detailed results by e-mail or mail.

Paternity Swab Collection Procedure

  1. Perform the entire procedure on one person at a time. Make sure the swabs are labeled and enclosed in the color coded envelopes before collecting the next person’s sample.
  2. Label the color-coded envelopes with the following information:
    • person’s name exactly the same as ordered
    • signature acknowledging correct identity of sample
    • date of collection
    • initials of the individual performing the collection
  3. Remove the swab from the sterile package.
  4. Brush vigorously against the inside of the subject’s cheek with the swab.
  5. Collect four swabs per person (two per cheek).
  6. Swabs must be collected one at a time, keeping them separate at all times. To accomplish, completed swabs can be held in the air with an upright position. The swabs should be allowed to stand upright for at least one minute.
  7. Write the person’s name on the swab label exactly as it appears on the client authorization form, wrap the label around all four swab sticks and place them in the color-coded envelope.
  8. Be certain to place swabs in the appropriate envelope. In the case of additional parties, please specify the relationship on the envelope.
  9. Insert the collected samples, forms, etc. into the pre-paid return envelope.

Want to learn more about the Home Paternity Testing process?

Customer support is available Monday through Friday 8:00 am-7:00 pm CST. Paternity Testing specialists are available and can answers any questions you may have about how DNA Paternity Testing works.

Home Paternity Testing Questions

The Test Me DNA Home Testing Kit is held to the same high standard of accuracy involved with  Legal Paternity Test. Samples collected with the kit are tested twice by our AABB accredited laboratories. The only difference between the two types of paternity tests is how samples are collected.

How do I know if I need Home vs Legal testing? Home Paternity Testing is ideal for  curiosity or your own personal knowledge. Home paternity results are not valid for legal reasons.

The Legal Paternity Testing process follows a strict Chain of Custody and provides results that are court admissible. These legal results can be used for child support, child custody, name change, military benefits, etc.

All paternity testing services provided by Test Me DNA are performed by <a href=””>AABB accredited laboratories</a> in the United States. The program promotes the highest standard of accuracy for relationship testing.

Yes! Test Me DNA can split DNA testing kits and ship them to different locations. Each additional shipping address will be $6 more.