When it comes to DNA testing, the amount of time to obtain results can vary from company to company. Many government cases can take several weeks or months to get the DNA results back to the individuals testing.

Here at Test Me DNA, we know that people want accurate testing results as quickly as possible. We have teamed up with our DNA testing laboratory LabCorp to be on an expedited turn around time. This means you still get the most accurate results available, but at a much shorter turn around than other agencies or companies.

Turnaround time for Test Me DNA is as follows. Once the main lab receives all samples, paternity results typically take 3-5 business days. Most paternity tests are completed on the shorter end of that time frame.

Special relationship tests can take a few days longer. The results are typically available in 3-8 business days, from the time the main lab receives all samples. Special relationship tests include Grandparent Tests, Sibling Tests, and Avuncular (Aunt/Uncle) Tests.