How Paternity Testing Works

Setup Paternity Testing

Order Test

After deciding on a test, we will either send out a Home Paternity Test Kit or schedule an appointment for Paternity Testing at any of our 1000+ Testing Centers for DNA collection.

Collect DNA Paternity Testing Samples

Collect Samples

DNA collection is painless and easy to perform. DNA collections are performed with a non-invasive buccal swabs. The swab is brushed on the inside of each individuals cheek for about 10 seconds.

Paternity Testing Results

Get DNA Results

Results complete 3-5 days after the laboratory receives all testing kits. Paternity test results are provided over the phone. Results are then provided by email and mail upon request.

Have Questions?

Get immediate help with paternity testing. Our team of paternity testing experts are available to explain how paternity testing works and setup testing.

Start the paternity testing process in as little as 10 minutes.

Fast and Painless

Collecting DNA for paternity testing is an easy and painless process.

Anybody can collect a DNA sample for paternity with the easy to use Home Test Kit. A sterile buccal swab that looks very similar to a common Q-tip is rubbed along the inside of the cheek. After just a short time the swab is ready to be placed in an envelope and sent to the lab for analysis.

Accurate Results

We ensure the most accurate results available by using AABB accredited laboratories. This ensures that results are highly accurate.

Our company utilizes DNA testing laboratories that are fully certified. This guarantees your test is performed at the highest international standards.

Paternity Test results are available around 3-5 days after the lab receives testing samples.

No Hidden Charges

Many Paternity Test options have hidden costs and will charge additional fees. Then you end up spending more than expected.

One low price with Test Me DNA includes everything required for complete testing results. We want our clients to know up front the full price for testing.