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Most of us have heard of the movie The Parent Trap, where two girls pretend to be each other to fool their parents with hilarious consequences, but a scenario similar to this has happen in real life that has torn their family apart.

Raymon and Richard Miller both had sex with Holly Marie Adams on the same night, albeit, unknowingly according to their testimony.  Holly Marie became pregnant and claimed Raymon was the father of her daughter.  Both men did admit that they had sex with her, but after a DNA paternity test was performed, both men came back with 99.9% probability that they were the fathers due to the fact that they share identical DNA.

The final court decision, ruled that Raymon would remain the legal father, which has left a rift in the family.  The mother of the twins feels like she has gained a granddaughter, but lost her two sons, as neither wants anything to do with the child without unequivocal proof of paternity.  According to Dr. Bible Giles, a paternity testing expert, this isn’t likely to happen saying, “There is simply no test that explains the difference between identical twins.”  His solution for paying child support is simple though stating “Split it down the middle.  They both played, so they should both pay.”