DNA Paternity Testing in Massachusetts

Test Me DNA offers a simple and accurate solution for Paternity Testing. Our award winning testing is available in Massachusetts as well as nationwide.

Home DNA Test Kits Available in Massachusetts

Home DNA Paternity Test Kit

The Home Paternity Test offers a fast solution for paternity answers. We ship the complete test to you allowing you to collect your DNA in the comfort of your home.

Home Sibling DNA Test Kit

The DNA sibling test will test a relationship between two or more individuals to determine if they are related as siblings. The test kit is easy to perform and can be complete at home.

Home Grandparent DNA Test Kit

A Grandparent DNA test will verify if a biological relationship exists between the alleged grandparents and the target grandchild.

Legal DNA Testing Available in Massachusetts

Legal DNA Paternity Test

Legal Paternity Testing can be setup in just a few minutes. Legal DNA Test results are accredited and court ready.

Legal Sibling DNA Test

The legal sibling DNA test is a comparison of DNA performed to determine a brother/sister relationship for people that want to find out if they have one, both or no parents in common. This can be needed for many legal reasons.

Legal Grandparent DNA Test

The legal Grandparent DNA test is used to verify if a biological relationship exists between the alleged grandparents and the target child. This legal Grandparent DNA test can be used for legal purposes.

Other Types of DNA Testing Available in Massachusetts

Twin-Zygosity DNA Test

A twin DNA test also known as twin zygosity shows whether twins are fraternal or identical. The twins’ DNA profiles are compared to see whether or not they match. If they are an exact match, it proves that they are identical twins.

Tribal Enrollment DNA Paternity Test

Tribal enrollment requires a known tribal member and the individual applying to prove their biological relationship through DNA testing.

Aunt and Uncle (Avuncular) DNA Test

Avuncular DNA testing also known as aunt or uncle DNA testing allows a sibling of the alleged father to participate in a DNA test. An avuncular DNA test will verify if a biological relationship exists between the alleged aunts or uncles and the target niece or nephew.

Maternity DNA Test

Maternity DNA Testing is very similar to Paternity DNA Testing. The maternity test compares the alleged mother’s DNA pattern to that of the child to verify how likely it is that the child inherited their DNA from the alleged mother.

DNA Profiling Test

DNA Profiling uses a 21-marker test to obtain a record of a person’s genetic profile. DNA profiling has a high accuracy rate. With accredited testing labs and proper chain-of-custody followed, results are accepted by court systems for legal identification.

DNA Paternity Test Cost in Massachusetts

The cost of a standard Home Paternity test in Massachusetts starts at $179 and includes everything required for results. Our legal paternity test for residents in Massachusetts starts at $349.

Why Choose Test Me DNA

DNA Paternity Testing Massachusetts has never been simpler and more accurate. Test Me DNA is a leader in the DNA testing industry. By providing accurate, convenient, trusted, and affordable DNA paternity testing services. The goal of Test Me DNA is to bring direct testing to cities and communities in every state. With 1000’s of laboratories available we are always local to you.

Since 2009, Test Me DNA has transformed into a customer-oriented full-service DNA testing company.

All testing centers are highly respected and accredited laboratories with state-of-the-art technology.

Every year we performs thousands of tests through our relationships with clinics and labs throughout the US. This allows us to provide a streamlined and efficient Paternity DNA testing process for our clients at a low cost.

We are proud to provide an affordable and simple DNA testing service in Massachusetts for paternity. We would love to answer any questions you have about DNA Paternity Testing that you may have, so please speak with one of our Paternity Testing specialists.

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