Never Let Your DNA/Paternity Questions Go Unanswered

grandma & grandsonIt is quite the story – a long lost grandson was found because he questioned his own identity and the possibility that his parents now were not his true biological parents. Once he was tested, his results lead to who his true biological family was…which then helped to solve that family’s biggest mystery and hardest circumstances to overcome.

This grandson was a product of the “dirty war” that took place in Argentina back in the late ‘70’s early ‘80’s and the story gets better from there though. The person that found out the news was his own grandmother! She only found out because she campaigned and pushed for years through her humans rights organization Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo to form this National Genetic Data Bank, with help from geneticists here in the States, to enable children in this similar situation to test to help find their true identity and family.

With this story breaking national news everywhere, I’m sure it will help raise more questions and doubts for other children still on the fence about testing and could lead to more families being reunited together.

So never let your questions go unanswered. If you have any doubts of why you look and act very differently from the rest of your family and/or question who your true biological family is – get tested and find out. Who knows? Maybe there is a mystery to solve in within your own family. Though as a disclosure, it may not bring a happy ending as in this story – sometimes secrets that have been dug up can destroy a family as well – so you just may need to tread lightly.