New Season of Teen Mom 2 Involves a Paternity Test

In the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 Jennelle Evans admits that Andrew may not be Jace’s biological father. At the time she admits this, Jace should be around two years old. In all the episodes, I have never seen an appearance from Jace’s alleged father. Is there a chance Jace could of had a father figure in his life if Jennelle would have admitted this earlier? With Jennelle’s track record with men, this would probably not have been the case.

Jennelle decides a DNA Paternity Test is the next step. Do you think Andrew is Jace’s bio dad? We will find out this season when the paternity results come in.

What do you think the other Teen Moms think about this new announcement? I’m sure they aren’t judging her for needing the DNA test, but possibly on how long it took her to follow through with it. Many of the other Teen Mom cast members and 16 and pregnant members have went through DNA paternity testing, but they did the tests much earlier in their children’s lives.