Paternity of Michael Jackson’s Kids

Paris Jackson at Michael Jackson immortalized  hand and footprint ceremony in HollywoodThe suicide attempt of Paris Jackson brought to light the paternity questions surrounding all of Michael Jackson’s children again. It seems that as long as Michael Jackson has had children there have been questions as to who their biological fathers are.

The question of paternity for Prince, Paris, and especially Blanket, is probably the greatest paternity mystery yet to be solved. It is even rumored that when Paris Jackson got a haircut in Las Vegas in 2009, the cut hair was swept into a bag and given back to her.

We know that the mother of the two older children, Prince and Paris, is Debbie Rowe was artificially inseminated, and Michael Jackson had Mark Lester, the children’s godfather, donate sperm, but according to Mark he was not the only one to donate. As for Blanket, even his mother remains unknown.

In my opinion this is probably something that we should all just put to rest. It appears that Michael loved his children very much and that is the most important thing about being a father whether biological or not.