Disagreement can lead to paternity testing.So you have found yourself in a position where you need a DNA test to prove who the father is. Perhaps you are the mother of a newborn child and need to collect child support or maybe you are an adult child who has been questioning who your real biological father is or as it may be you are the possible biological father himself wanting to make sure you are truly indeed the father. Either way, you need the willingness of the other party to gather their samples (or the child’s) for the testing to work and for you to get the results.

Basic affordable DNA testing now-a-days is all accomplished through mouth/cheek swabs called buccal swabbing and typically cost just a few hundred dollars. Hair strands from a brush, saliva on a toothbrush, blood on a shirt etc., etc. all those options will not work. Typically the other person of your dna equation must be willing to either collect their samples themselves or choose to go into the lab in their area to have the technicians pull the samples for them in order for the testing to proceed.

If you find that the other party is not willing to do this, keep trying…nicely though. Then of course, if the nice approach does not work, there are attorneys out there that focus primarily on family civil suits and you can choose to make your case a legal matter if it isn’t already. Yes, it is annoying and very frustrating and wastes nothing but your time and money and that is exactly why you want to remain nice and attempt to persuade the other party to agree with you to get the DNA testing done cooperatively without having to resort to attorneys.

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