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Paternity Testing

DNA Paternity Testing is used to determine if a specific man is the biological father to a specific child. A paternity test will analyze the possible father and child’s DNA profiles. Then the 2 DNA profiles are compared to establish if there is a biological relationship.

With Test Me DNA our paternity tests generally include a 21 genetic marker test. Each genetic marker will have 2 numbers which are referred to as alleles. A child will receive 1 allele from their mother and 1 allele from their biological father. A biological father should match the child with at least 1 allele in each genetic marker.

Legal Paternity DNA Testing

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Common Reasons for a Legal Paternity Test:

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Tax Forms
  • Name Change
  • Court Order
  • Social Security
  • Will/Estate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Adoption

Paternity DNA Testing Kit

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Family Relationship Testing

DNA Testing Without the Father

When a standard paternity test including the alleged father is not an option, other DNA family relationship tests are available.

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How DNA Paternity Testing Works

Setup Paternity Testing

Order Paternity Test

After deciding on a test, we will either send out a Home Paternity DNA Test Kit or schedule an appointment for Paternity DNA Testing at any of our 1000+ Testing Centers for DNA collection.

Collect DNA Paternity Testing Samples

Collect Samples

DNA collection is painless and easy to perform. DNA collections are performed with non-invasive buccal swabs. The swabs are brushed lightly on the inside of each individual’s cheeks for around 10 seconds.

Paternity Testing Results

Get Paternity Results

Results typically complete within 3-5 business days after the laboratory receives all testing kits. Paternity test results are then provided over the phone and email. Mailed copies can be sent upon request.

Call now and one of our Paternity Testing Specialists will analyze the information provided by you and then guide you through the entire Paternity DNA Testing process.

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DNA Paternity Testing FAQ

What is a DNA paternity test?

A paternity test is a scientific test that compares the DNA profiles of a potential father and a child to determine the biological relationship.

Can I do a Paternity DNA test kit at home?

Yes! Home DNA testing kits are available for all of our relationship DNA tests.

Why would I do a Legal DNA Paternity Test?

There are multiple reasons to get a legal paternity test. The most common reasons for needing legal documentation are child support, child custody, name change, birth certificate change, proving paternity to the IRS or military benefits.

What kind of DNA sample is used for a DNA Test for a father and child?

For all of our home DNA testing kits, a simple buccal swab is the only acceptable sample.

If you choose to do a DNA collection at one of our facilities, the most common sample is a buccal swab. But blood samples can be collected if requested in advance.

Who needs to be tested for a paternity test?

A possible father and a child are required for a paternity test. We also offer other relationship tests such as siblings, aunt/uncle and grandparent relationship tests.

What ID's are needed for a paternity test?

For home testing kits do not require any type of ID to be tested.

For in lab options or legal paternity testing, anyone over 18 will need to have 2 forms of ID. The first form needs to be a government issued photo ID. The 2nd form does not have to be another photo ID, but it can be. For any person testing under the age of 18, they will need 1 form of ID. It does NOT have to be a photo ID. It can be a birth certificate, social security card, shot record or insurance card. We can accommodate other options for ID, please just let us know what you have available.