Maternity Testing

Maternity DNA Testing is very similar to Paternity DNA Testing. The maternity test compares the alleged mother’s DNA pattern to that of the child to verify how likely it is that the child inherited their DNA from the alleged mother.

Maternity testing can be used to verify biological relationships in any of the following situations:

  •  An adopted child and an alleged biological mother are reunited after years of separation
  •  A family member or hospital staff fear that a baby switch has mistakenly taken pace in a hospital nursery
  •  A mother who conceived her child through in vitro fertilization would like to confirm the correct embryo was implanted
Maternity Testing provided by Test Me DNA

How Maternity Testing Works

Order Maternity Testing

We can schedule an appointment for the individuals testing to obtain the necessary collection at one of our 1000+ testing centers.

Or you may choose to perform the collections at your convenience with an Maternity Home Testing kit.

Collect Samples

Performing a DNA collection is pain-free and simple. Four, Non-Invasive buccal swabs are utilized to easily collect each individuals DNA by lightly brushing each swab against the cheeks on the inside of the mouth. At minimal, each collection with every swab is performed for 10 to 15 seconds.

Get DNA Results

Avuncular test results are typically completed within 3 to 5 business days after the Testing laboratory has received all the necessary collections of the participating individuals.

Results are then provided over the phone and email. Mailed copies can be sent upon request.

Legal Maternity Test vs Maternity Home Test Kit

Test Me DNA can provide you with Court Admissible or Peace of Mind results for maternity testing. Whether your specific situation requires you to choose the Legal Documentation or you are just doing this test for personal knowledge, rest assured that our AABB accredited lab will process all maternity tests exactly the same. There is absolutely no change in the accuracy or precision of the final results. The only difference comes in the Notarized results, along with a Chain of Custody that is provided with the legal maternity test.

Maternity Home Testing Kit

  • Discreet shipping, free shipping both ways

  • Easy to use kit with detailed instructions

  • Fast results: 3-5 business days after returning the kit

  • Results are private and confidential

  • One low price includes kit & results

  • 99.9% accurate results to ease your mind

Order Now

Order the Maternity Home DNA Testing Kit today. The easy to use form will get the DNA testing process started.

Orders submitted by 2PM CST Monday-Friday will be shipped same day.

Legal Maternity Testing

  • Same Day Appointments in most areas

  • Painless DNA collection

  • Fast results: 3-5 business days

  • Results are private and confidential

  • One low price includes testing & legal DNA results

  • 99.9% accurate results that will hold up in court


Call to order a Legal DNA Maternity Test. In a simple phone call, our DNA specialists will walk you through how the DNA testing works and get you scheduled.

Appointments are Monday-Friday, and can usually be scheduled for the same day.