Well, what if that was literally true? Imagine you just get a lot of calls from your friends telling you that they just saw you on YouTube doing something they’ve never seen you do before. Then you’re like: “Guys look, I don’t know what you are talking about? I’ve never even posted any videos to YouTube.” Then you look into it and find yourself feeling like you’re in a dream and amazed that you are indeed on YouTube. Not because someone filmed you and posted it without you knowing about it, but because this other person looks identical to…well, you!

This is pretty much what happened to Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier. Two young adult females that were separated at birth and then both adopted, now living in two different parts of the world. They eventually connected through services like Facebook and Skype, sharing stories, similarities and childhood memories. Then they finally decided to meet. Anais, working as a French fashion designer in London had Samantha, working as an actress in LA, visit her first there in England. They found that their life stories both began in Busan, South Korea. Later, Anais would visit Samantha in LA and then they had their DNA tested just to make everything official…and official it was…they were indeed identical twin sisters.

So next time you hear one of your friends tell you that they swore that they saw you on the vacation they just got back from, or in another city across the globe, or even on TV, maybe it might be worth a little investigation – you could indeed have a twin of your own out there just waiting to be found.