Technically yes, everyone is thinking before having sex – so to answer that question correctly you need to ask yet another question:  How clear were you thinking? Of course then, that all depends on a whole host of other factors…love, hormones, alcohol, drugs and yes, even lies – they all play an important part and contribute to your answer.

What happens following each time you do have sex is then based on all those actions you took before each sexual encounter…and for women, becoming pregnant is often one of them. Intertwine social media into this mix and you get a good story project and life lesson dubbed: Text Me

Seems the project is still under production, but a teaser trailer of sorts has been posted along with an article on the Huffington Post’s UK online blog section which you can view/read here:  HUFFPOST TECH. The author, Victoria Mapplebeck, is highlighting her personal life story from the perspective of texting. It’s a really good concept especially now that Paternity Testing is now more or less a trend as well…almost like texting is. It’s one of those debates of:  Should we do it and why? I’m more of the perspective of:  It’s here, how do we deal with it appropriately. That’s what actually makes the new hit TV show Resurrection so intriguing. We absolutely have NO idea yet …of how, where (unless of course you have already read the novel it’s based off of) or even why the dead are back…they just are, so how do we deal with them?

As far as texting goes, laws are being placed so that we as humans don’t harm one another driving (and in some places even walking) while trying to figure out which annoying emoticon face best fits with “OMG! already OMW! c u in a few!” Now as far as paternity testing goes, there are no laws in the sense of when you can do them and if you should. Everyone has the opportunity to have one done if they so choose. The laws come into play when you start talking about child support payments and changing names, etc, etc. and of course getting the other party to cooperate to do the testing in the first place if they are refusing. Makes you wonder how people survived in the past without knowing who the biological father was. Now it will make us wonder should we be testing everyone automatically when a child is born.

I won’t even start into that debate, but just to state that I hope Victoria’s project does well and it receives a lot of attention that it deserves as it seems it may not have even come about had she not agreed to have the Paternity Test done in the first place. Either way, I can’t wait to see if the father was indeed the biological father…and if he is, why on earth did he move to Spain? Because as it reads, we just don’t know yet…it certainly is a good tease!

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Paternity Testing and would like to talk about what options are available for you or someone you know, give one of our representatives a call for a free consultation at 1-800-535-5198.