Tribal Enrollment Paternity Testing

Enrolling into an American Indian Tribe, will connect new members with traditions that are unique to their specific tribe. It also allows the new tribal members to gain access to tribal benefits. These benefits may include things such as education opportunities and health services. As a result, there is a process to enroll, for new members.

How to Get Enrolled

Criteria for enrolling in a one specific tribe will vary from most other tribes. Because enrollment requirements are different from tribe to tribe, it is best to first contact the tribe. Then the individual seeking enrollment can learn their requirements. One thing almost all tribes require is a Legal DNA test.

Properly documented chain of custody is a necessity with the Legal DNA test. Secondly, the performing laboratory needs to be an accredited laboratory.

The test will require a minimum of 2 people. The first person will need to be someone that is already an enrolled member of the tribe. The second person will be the person wanting to enroll into the tribe.

Then the Legal DNA test will be performed to determine if the 2 individuals testing have a biological relationship. Once the testing is complete, legal results are available to present to the tribal enrollment committee.

How to Setup a Tribal Enrollment Paternity Test

Setting up Tribal Enrollment testing is as easy as making a quick telephone call. Our caring customer service and support specialist can lead you through the process in a few short minutes. If you have any additional questions, they will be happy to help.

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