Worried About the Accuracy of a DNA Testing Kit??

home-dna-test-kitWe hear it all the time with our clients, “How accurate is the DNA testing kit?” Well with Test Me DNA, we use the same testing laboratory for our At Home DNA test and our Court Admissible DNA test. This means the level of accuracy is the same for both types of DNA Paternity testing.
The biggest difference between our Court Admissible DNA test and our At Home DNA test is having someone else performing the collection for you. At the lab they take photos and fingerprints for proof of who was there for collection. This along with a strict chain of custody is why our Court Admissible DNA test will hold up in court. At home there is no proof of who was collected. We trust if you are ordering any DNA test including an At Home DNA test, you still want to know the real answers, but since there is no way for us to prove who was collected, the results will not hold up in court. The results are still just as accurate.
We also hear from our clients that they are afraid they might mess up the collection. We reassure them that the collection is very simple. We provide buccal swabs that look like a one sided Q-tip for each person that is testing. They will take the buccal swabs and rub them on the inner part of the cheek to collect the DNA. After that person has completed their collection, they simply place their swabs in the provided envelope designated for him/herself. This is exactly what they would do at the lab also.
So if you were uneasy about getting an At Home DNA Paternity test before, rest assured that our At Home DNA Paternity test will provide the same levels of accuracy as a Court Admissible Legal DNA test.
If you would like more information on DNA testing or would like to set up an appointment call us at 800-535-5198.