DNA testing has certainly come to play a major role in today’s society and families. We even have reality TV shows taking over our networks that focus primarily on DNA testing and ancestry such as the popular Who Do You Think You Are? airing now on TLC and the upcoming Who’s Your Daddy? DNA truck series slated to start airing on cable later this year.

I bring this up because I came across a very interesting web video on YouTube titled:  DNA Stories: A Tale of Two Fathers. It’s a very good short story (just about 9 min long) about a man in search of his biological father, following his gut feelings, the rumors, and ending with his results from a simple DNA test – called the Y-DNA test or often referred to as the Y-Chromosome test. It also brings up the question of “Why?” Why get the DNA test done in the first place? And to answer that question in short – for peace of mind.

Now-a-days you can pretty much look up anything on the Internet, except family secrets. Those tend to come in the form of rumors all the while nagging you in the back of your mind telling you to dig for the truth. Sometimes new facts are revealed and the stories tend to change as time goes by. Other times, those that are involved, completely deny the rumors and/or facts all the while you are digging for the truth. Either way, you are confronted with two options:  dig further or just let it go.

We are humans though and letting things go is very difficult for us to do without knowing the truth. In a case like this, a man trying to find his real father, a DNA (Y-Chromosome) test was a very easy solution for him. The Y-Chromosome is passed down from the males in the family to the newborn males, so it is easily detected. If your father is no longer alive, as in this story, you can test one of your alleged brothers or nephews or even uncles. Any male to male testing will let you know if you carry the same Y-Chromosome or not. But you ask, “What if I have no other males in the family to test against?” Well, don’t fret. Labs can also test for maternal lineage as well using the Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test. It’s not as easy though as male to male testing however and it generally includes testing more people which then brings up the cost and could bring inconclusive results. Here’s a good short video on that though: DNA Stories: A Tale of Two Sisters.

In either case, if the tests come back positive, you are related…and if they do not, well you keep digging and searching for someone that is willing to test with you until you do find a conclusive match. The good news? It is a very easy process – just swab your inner checks and let the labs do the rest. The bad news? Possibly ruining family relationships. Sometimes, secrets are secrets for a reason, and keeping the family “skeletons” in the closets where they have perhaps been for decades may seem like the last thing you want to do…but perhaps it’s for the best.

This man kept digging though and he finally was able to put his mind at ease, but what about his family and friends? Are they still supportive of his decision? We may never know, which brings me back to my fun little title of Y? The answer will always be; for your own peace of mind. I would then just add a footnote and state:  just be prepared for the worse. Hopefully a family would stay supportive through anything, but finding out that your mother had an affair and a child was born from that affair and no one really knew or perhaps finding out that your biological father did not want anything to do with you…well, I could only imagine the heartbreak and tears.

If you find yourself digging around looking for answers and DNA testing seems like an option for you, give one our representatives a call at 1-800-535-5198 and tell us your story – hopefully we can help provide some peace of mind for you as well.