Twin Zygosity Testing

A twin DNA test also known as twin zygosity shows whether twins are fraternal or identical. The twins’ DNA profiles are compared to see whether or not they match. If they are an exact match, it proves that they are identical twins.
Many times, this test is used for curiosity purposes, but results can also be used to help solve health issues later in life. An identical twin is a perfect choice as a donor for an organ or tissue transplant.
It is very difficult for doctors to know whether the twins are identical or not. They often give the wrong information to parents. The only way to know for sure is to compare their DNA.
The DNA collection is very simple and non invasive. Simply use buccal swabs and rub on the inner cheek of each twin. This procedure will collect skin cells containing DNA for testing purposes. With testing so easy and painless, the test can be performed on any age group.