Home Paternity Testing

The Home Paternity Test Kit provides accurate testing for paternity in the comfort and privacy of your home. The testing kit determines the probability that a male is the biological father of a child with 99.99% accuracy. Other DNA relationship tests are also available by using a home DNA testing kit.

If you will not need the DNA test results for any legal reasons, you can save time and money by ordering the home DNA testing kit. It is important to note that home testing kits cannot hold up for court purposes.

Everything needed for Paternity Test Results are included in the Test Me DNA Home Test Kit. One low price includes testing kit, shipping, and results. Learn the true biological relationship with complete accuracy.

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Step 1 – Call to Order or Order Online

Ordering a home DNA testing kit is as simple as a phone call or filling out our online form. We need some very basic information on each person testing. This information includes: names, date of birth and address where the kit(s) should be mailed to. We will also gather contact information to send results.

Step 2 – Collect DNA Samples

DNA sample collections are performed through a simple cheek swab, also referred to as a buccal swab. Each swab is rubbed on the inside of the cheek to collect skin cells. Then sample packs should be placed into the prepaid express shipping bag provided.

Step 3 – Receive Your Results

Paternity results are typically available in 3-5 business days. Special relationship DNA results can take a few days longer. Once results are ready, a DNA case manager will reach out to you by phone and/or email. Mailed copies are also available upon request for no charge.

The report for testing will outline the DNA profile for each person testing as well as an easy to read conclusion.

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Home DNA Kits ordered Monday-Friday by 2:00 PM CST will be mailed the same business day.

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Home Paternity Testing Kit Includes

  • Easy to use kit with detailed instructions
  • Discreet shipping, free shipping both ways
  • Simple and safe cheek swab
  • 3-5 business days results
  • Results are private and confidential
  • 99.99% Accuracy
  • One low price includes kit + results

Home Paternity Accuracy

Home DNA Paternity testing is performed at the same laboratories as our Legal DNA Test, and includes the same level of accuracy. All samples are tested twice to ensure quality control. Results provide users with the highest levels of accuracy that you can trust. Every paternity test offered by Test Me DNA typically compares 21 genetic markers.

Buccal Swab Collection Procedure

  1. Verify the collection kit contains a self-adhesive envelope for each individual testing. Each envelope should contain two(2) packages of sterile cotton-tipped swabs and a white name label.
  2. Collect only one individual’s DNA at a time. As you are collecting each person’s sample, remove the swabs from the sterile package and discard the wrapper. Do not touch the sterile cotton tip of swabs or lay the swabs on any surface prior to or after collection.
  3. FOUR(4) SWABS ARE REQUIRED FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL COLLECTED. Use one swab per cheek quadrant (top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right).
  4. Before you swab, swallow. This is NOT a saliva test, do not suck the swab. Vigorously brush the swab against the inside of the cheek for approximately ten(10) seconds per swab with the same force used when brushing your teeth.
  5. Hold swabs by the sticks for approximately one minute and allow them to air dry.
  6. Write the name of the individual whose sample was collected on the white label. Fold, DO NOT WRAP, the white label around all four(4) swab sticks.
  7. Insert all four(4) swabs, cotton end first, back into the self-adhesive envelope. Seal the envelope.
  8. After collecting all individuals DNA, place the collection kit containing the samples into the prepaid FedEx shipping envelope provided.


Flexible Options Make Testing Easy

Test Me DNA is a nationwide paternity testing company with a large network of locations. We can deliver testing kits anywhere in the United States and provide sample collections anywhere you are located. If test participants are located in different locations near or far we can provide services to accommodate.

Fully Accredited DNA Laboratories

Test Me DNA uses DNA testing services from Labcorp that provides the highest level of accreditations available. This ensures that you are receiving the highest quality service available and that every single test performed is carried out using the strictest and highest standards.

Home Paternity Testing

  • Order Online or By Phone
  • 99.99% Accuracy
  • Private Collection
  • 3-5 Day Results
  • Fast Shipping


All tests include 2 participants. Each additional participant is $69. 1 shipping address included per kit. Any additional address is $6.

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In Lab Curiosity Test

  • Call To Order
  • 99.99% Accuracy
  • Professional Sample Collection
  • 3-5 Day Results
  • Upgrade later to Legal Test Results


All tests include 2 participants. Each additional participant is $120.

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Legal Paternity Testing

Many times individuals are only testing for curiosity purposes, and once they receive results find themselves needing to attend court. Here at Test Me DNA, we hope you get the answers you are looking for. We do not want you to have to pay for another test down the road. If you have any reason to believe that you will need the results for a court case in the future, choose the Legal Paternity Testing. Appointments are required for Legal DNA testing. You can call to schedule your DNA appointment today

If this is your first paternity test we recommend that you call our paternity experts to make certain that you order the right test for your unique situation. Our customer service can help answer all your paternity questions and easily setup a test for you in minutes.

No Obligation – Call Now 1-800-535-5198

How accurate is paternity testing without the mother?

Performing a paternity test without the mother being involved is possible. Including the mother for testing is always encouraged, but the final decision is left up to the participants to decide.

How long does it take to get the results of Home Paternity Testing?

Home Paternity Testing results typically take 3-5 business after DNA samples have been collected by the laboratory.

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Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, Test Me DNA is unable to mail DNA Paternity Kits to New York residents. Please call for assistance at 800-535-5198.