DNA Paternity Testing in Different States

Multiple times a day, we receive inquiries about 2 people that need a DNA test, but they live in different parts of the country. Most of the individuals we speak with are shocked with how easy our solution is to their situation.

Let’s say that a mother & child live in Chicago, IL and the supposed father lives in Los Angeles, CA and they need a Paternity Test and want to go into a lab to have it performed. Our DNA testing labs stretch nationwide, so we can set up the appointment for the child in Chi-town as well for the father in the City of Angels for no extra charge.

The paperwork for the samples that are taken will be under a specific account number and have both the Father’s name and the Child’s name. Each DNA collection site will then send out the collected samples for testing. After the DNA samples arrive at the main DNA testing laboratory in Burlington, NC, they will be paired together and be compared. Testing and your results will be ready 3-5 business days after they have been received.

Should the parties choose not to go into the lab and only want Peace of Mind results, our home kits can be split to send out to the different parties as well. For only an additional $6 charge, each individual will receive their portion of the kit. Prepaid express shipping back to the lab will also be included for each kit shipped within the United States.