Paternity Testing Top ReasonsThere are many reasons why someone would want or need to get a DNA Paternity Test.  There are times where you have to get one for legal purposes and other times you may just want to know for curiosity reasons.

The following are the top 5 reasons why a man may want or need to get a DNA Paternity Test.  


  • He wants to get out of paying child support.  The whole time he is thinking….”That baby looks nothing like me, why should I be paying for it?”
  • He thinks his wife/girlfriend was unfaithful to them.  “I don’t remember having sex that month…that baby can’t be mine.”
  • They want to prove a child is their child, when a women is saying it’s not your baby, but they believe it is or could be.  “I know I had sex with her and now she is saying it can’t be mine…she must think I don’t make as much money as that other guy.  Little does she know I’m loaded.”
  • He is fighting for custody.  “This lady is crazy if she thinks, she is getting custody of my kid!”
  • A one night stand is trying to pin their child on him.  “Man I was drunk that night.  We didn’t have sex did we?”

Now the top 4 reasons why a women may want to get a DNA Paternity Test.


  • She needs child support.  “He better get his act together and figure out how he is going to help support this baby.”
  • She is a single lady playing the field.  “Well if I conceived the baby around the 5th and I slept with Guy A on the 4th and Guy B on the 6th, it should be Guy A’s right?”
  • She may have cheated on her boyfriend or husband.  “Well there was that one night, where I was out and had a little too much to drink, but I don’t think it went that far right?”
  • She was going through divorce and has to prove the children were not her husband’s in the first place.  “Well I thought we would be together forever and now that things aren’t working out, I don’t want to share custody.  he isn’t their dad anyway.”

On another note, there can be some more serious reasons that DNA paternity tests are necessary.

  • If the the father passes before the child is born, to receive social security benefits for that child, you may have to prove paternity.  This can be proven with grand parentage, avuncular or siblingship tests.
  • A women was raped and she wants to find out if her child is from her significant other or not.
  • A parent may think that their child was switched at birth.
  • A child who was adopted, may think they have found their biological parents.

No matter if your reason is good or bad, Test Me DNA will provide DNA Paternity Testing with the highest level of accuracy.   All testing is performed in our AABB and ISO accredited labs.  Our Legal DNA test will provide you with all the documents to prove paternity in the court of law.  And if all you are looking for is answers, then we can do that too.

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